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Ganesh Subramaniyam - The nano Sculptor


                     Born in1975 at Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala in India as the third son of Sri Subramaniyan achari and Smt Kamalam.After primary education,he turned into the traditional job of jewellery making. Today his smithery contains world's  subtlest and unique creations of gold sculptures, "A boat and boatman" carved in a gold granule of 30 mg was his primal nano sculpture. He has finished a good number of unique creations so far.which includes a working model of a tiny numberlock. It is extra ordinarily beautiful and perfect and could only be viewed and operated by a magnifying glass. It has been acclaimed as the tiniest numberlock ever made and has  won a World Record in 2013. 


Elephants Family walks inside a needle hole.

It is the true manifestation of ardent dedication of the sculptor throughout the years.This smallest sculptures are mere granules for naked eyes but when viewed through a lens they become wonderful,perfect and unique nano crafts..

World Record

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